So’s server seems to be down so I’ll be blogging on here again. I can’t believe this has happened again because it has actually been around 5 days since has last worked. Even their website and email isn’t working so I have no idea what is going on. Its coming close to the expiration of my master reseller as well so I’m not sure what is going to happen. Hopefully, everything goes back to normal and the server will get fixed because I love that blog and would hate to have lost almost a year’s full of blogs. It’s my luck that this happens just when I am about to finish my 3rd semester in college and will finally have time for blogging. If anything, I’ll try to renew the domain and find other hosting.


Annette and Sylvie

Earrings <—-Click this link to win me diamonds. I can’t upload my photo of the day today because I can’t find my usb chord but I’ll find it tomorrow and post tomorrow. But I do have something to share with you guys. I finally finished my book Annette and Sylvie yesterday and let me tell you, I have never felt so connected with a character. One of Annette’s thoughts were so deep and it made me think of myself. She talks about how no one sees her for her, and she means the imperfections as well. She doesn’t want to seem perfect or be called perfect because she wants people to see her and love her for everything incuding her flaws, and I thought it was absolutely touching. This is what she thinks on page 272, if anyone ever gets to reading it. Continue reading

A Few Things To Cover

I would like to break down this post before I actually type up my blog, because I feel that my thoughts are everywhere and I would like to better organize them, and not confuse my readers.

    ♦ Reading

    ♦ Starting To Write Reviews

    ♦ College

    ♦ 365 Pictures Project

    ♦ Two New Poems

    ♦ Hosting

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Here is a picture of me but I am still blocking my hair. I’m wearing the polka dot dress that I mentioned I bought from and my burgundy hair color 🙂 :


Day 23 (Day 22 is at the end of the post):

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When it comes to emotions, I am the expert. I’ve had every possible emotion thought of, even some that are un-named. I am quite happy at the moment but at the same time, I feel like nothing really phases me and I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. Continue reading

What Do You Think?

[edit]Added 2 layouts to my themes for switching lol. I’m bored 😀 Images found on Love Hina Gallery, and the plain layout was just made on photoshop, I don’t remember where I got the brushes from 😮 . BTW, I am learning French and Japanese and my name in Japanese is リ ザ; if you understand Japanese, email me to tell me if I wrote it right but don’t say here what the name should be.[/edit]
I was thinking about maybe making my domain not so anonymous. I want to be anonymous for a little while longer because I’m still scared that stalker is out there and although she didn’t harm me, I’m scared that she might have if I never noticed her and I am also scared of another stalker. Seeing that it isn’t so common, I’m sure it won’t happen again, especially with her. I also want to continue my anonymity because I think those vlogs with my hat on my face are just hilarious 😀 .
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Vlog – Still Anonymous

First Vlog from Lady on Vimeo.
Haha I just wanted to test it out, enjoy the silly voice =]
Like my hat? haha
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