For Now…

I have my own domain at the moment and for now I can maintain it. Unfortunately, the domain and web-hosting expire in March, and I do not know if I have the money to continue paying for it. Therefore, I will be using this blog when it expires, and I will just use the general themes here on

Considering I still have my domain where everyone knows me, I will continue blogging there until it expires. When it expires, I will startup using this blog again. Because I have gotten into trouble in the past by showing exactly who I am on my websites, I have decided to keep my anonymity on this one. I will write freely and just change names and locations if I have to.

Until we meet again, Arrivederci
Lady Impulse


2 responses to “For Now…

  1. Both of my domains are about to expire and I think I am just going to let them go. I didn’t mind paying for hosting every month but I didn’t have a job and so my hosting was dipping into my bank account and ended up overdrawing it =| so I had to end it. Oh well! ❤

  2. What is the name of your website? You can always keep the website and not host it until you have the funds or find a website that will host it for free. No reason to let it die unless it is already dieing.

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