-noun, plural -ties.

  1. the state or quality of being anonymous
  2. an anonymous person: some fine poetry attributed to anonymities.

Such a wonderful word used for many wonderful things. My choice for anonymity is to avoid trouble with peers around my area, as well as problems with people over the internet. There was a time when a girl actually stalked me because she became obsessed with one of my older blogs, and according to her, it’s like we were best friends. At the time I was maybe 16 years old, whereas she was about 19, and it was the scariest occurrence in my life. Although worse could have happened, it didn’t and I would like to keep it that way. I might even write about things that may not be legal in certain countries, or things that should be kept secret but aren’t because of my public writing.

Some of the best writers out there write/wrote under a pseudonym, or for those that are used to lower diction, a pen name. Female writers started out writing under pseudonyms because there was no other way to get their work published. More than one author to a book or a book series resulted in just one pen name being listed. People banned from writing certain plots at certain points in history changed the racial origin of their pen names for the permission to publish. Some good examples are (written respectively): Karen Blixen, who wrote the famous Out of Africa, wrote under the male name of Isak Dinesen; Different contributors to Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys resulted in keeping just the first name that started to write/publish them;  Brian O’Nolan used Flann O’Brien and Myles na gCopaleen for his writing (1940s – 1960s) because Irish Civil Servants were not allowed to write under their own names.

There are different reasons for anonymity and although I have shown my gender as a woman, as one may read in the About section, that will not stop the vulgarity and manly references I may make throughout my blog posts. I will talk about sex, I will talk about love, school, music I listen to, movies I review and love/hate, anything that comes to mind and is waiting to be published, will be on here.

I am determined to make something of myself, other than the schooling that I have already planned for the course of the next several years. It might be freelance writing or online magazine articles. I have no idea, but I will make something out of nothing, and a lot of it will be done freely due to the anonymity I will make for myself.

Au revoir et la bonne nuit,
Lady Impulse


    10 responses to “Anonymity

    1. True I do see where you are getting at about sharing my BB pin so publicly. But with it being my own private personal blog I thought it was a safe enough spot to share my pin with those of my friends who actually own blackberries.

      I am on a couple of BB communities and I did share my pin on there – but due to the constant BUDDY REQUESTS I was getting on the BB Messenger…I went back and edited my posts to say if you would like my PIN or exchange PIN info – please private message me. But that is mainly cause I kept getting all these requests from folks I don’t even know.

      And as for my parents – I admit, I probaly did come off all TEENY BOPPIE all excited about her brand new blackberry and it being pink and all that stuff…but am old enough to not need my parents approval or consent as am older than you. I read your about section…you were born 1991 rite? Am over ten years older than you. 😀

      And yes I am aware I probaly came off around your age or even younger in my blog entries but I honestly don’t care as it is my blog where I express my thoughts and feelins as one would do in their own blog as you have done in your most recent entry. Which is a good blog topic. And I happen to agree with alot of stuff you have said.

      You have touched on some spots that I have forgotten but thru your post, you have reminded me of such dangers on the net as well as in real life. As I had two stalkers in real life in the past…and it is a scary thing. And you are right about the never know what one can get from one little PIN for your BlackBerry.

      Have A Good One

    2. sad that things get out of hand a lot of the times! you’re the third blogger i know who went anonymous because of someone being too obsessed with their blog! 😦

      can’t wait to see how you’ll describe your 2009! hehe! Happy New Year!

    3. I like that idea! good luck

    4. hello! I hope you had a good Christmas as well~
      I liked reading this~ it’s important to keep certain things private and away from the internet~ i hope nobody stalks you again!!

    5. Good luck with your blog:) I sometimes wish I could write about EVERYTHING without worrying if some of my family or friends would find it, but I am happy having the blog that I have in the end. I rarely feel the need to write something very private anyways.

    6. I sometimes wish I was more anon without haivng to worry about who was reading my site…

      Good luck with your new blog. 🙂

    7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Very interesting posts you have here. I enjoyed reading some of them.

    8. Yeah I’m probably just really used to bootcut jeans. The skinny jeans felt too tight too. =/ I’m sure if I wanted to I could find a pair that fit better though.

      Thanks, you too!

      Wow, that must have been insanely creepy with that girl who stalked you. Did she actually stalk you in person or just online? Either way, creepy. D:

      Good luck with whatever you decide to do to make something of yourself.

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