Great Idea!

[edit]I started the 365 Pictures Project and here is my picture for day 1. Look at my progress as the blogs go by or if I don’t update my blog everyday, just go to my Fotolog(CLICK HERE). Here is the Day 1 Picture:

Its a few buildings near my house and I felt like it was an amazing angle. You can’t really tell where I’m looking from.

Before getting into my fabulous idea, I would like to say I hope all of you had a great holiday, and I hope everyone is safe.

Now, onto my great idea: this is probably going to seem lame because great and fabulous are not two adjectives that would probably have been attributed to this idea if I say it out loud, or if you just read it here and now, but I think it is sort of smart. Considering I am limited to pre-made wordpress themes that come along with a free blog, as well as the limitation of editing CSS and header images for certain layouts, I feel very restricted and unable to express my creativity and knowledge on web and graphic design. I want to learn more and more about the codes that bring a layout, or in this case a wordpress theme, to life, as well as grow in the ability to create masterpieces with photoshop. Seeing that I cannot show my creativity by the limitations a free blog brings, I may be considering renewing my hosted space from my domain, but changing the name to something more secretive so that my identity stays hidden. As much as I hate paying for space, as well as a domain name, I feel I would be happier with the freedom that paid space brings.

As less stressful as it is to just not worry about coding that works, and a graphic that plays well with what I want to show the world wide web, I still want to use my creative juices for this world, and not forget what I know.

I have owned a few domains for the past maybe, five years? And every time I would get a new domain, some time would have passed in between each domain, and I would forget a lot that I know. I don’t want that to ever happen again because, instead of renewing and reminding myself how certain codes work, and how certain images can be made, I want to learn even more than I can remember.

I don’t want to float on my already taught knowledge, I want to swim to greater pastures of html, php, c++, and graphic bedazzling. <–Corny eh? Yeah I don’t know why I just wrote that in such a cliche and metaphorical way, but it explains greatly how I feel.

Anyways, right now I am going to comment people back, and then go to sleep. It’s already 4am where I live so I better hurry because I cannot deprive myself from sleep on vacation, that is just wrong.

Night all! (Good morning in other time zones! =])

Lady Impulse

I’m getting a lot better at my instrument so I’ll be posting audio clips of me playing it really soon and until I decide whether or not renew web space and buy a new domain, I will be using my creative juices by making you guys wordpress themes, and I will gladly do them by request if need be. =]


11 responses to “Great Idea!

  1. Heyyy 🙂 its 4AM here too. thanks for stopping by my site and for commenting. I totally know what you mean about getting more creative, and learning about photoshop, and making wordpress layouts. I would totally love to learn to make my own wordpress layouts also. I wanna do the same thing too. 🙂

  2. Yes, it costs to have your own space but I think it gives back so much more in the long run! So I think it’s a great idea! 🙂

    By the way, do I know you by your real name? 😛

  3. I wish you luck in your search for creativity. Whether it come in the form of a paid site or numerous WordPress themes.

  4. do it if i had the knowledge I’d do it. I don’t know anything about html or even photoshop! so good luck

  5. Good luck with the idea. Owning domains are fun, but they are easy to neglect if you’re not really into it. I know I’ve had my share of “neglecting” my sites! ^^

  6. Ooh, I’ll be excited to see what domain name/theme you’ll end up creating 🙂 and is your instrument the guitar as listed on your “likes”? Hmm.. it seems a lot of people take up project 365 at the start of every year. I hope yours works out! I’m not going to kid myself, i’m too lazy to make it happen… but whenever i take photos i take HUNDREDS at a time so i guess that makes up for it 😉

    btw… a bit of an odd question, but what day in may is your birthday? Because, it seems i’ve run into a couple of bloggers who I frequent that had the same birthdays as me xD

    • I would answer but that might reveal me to whomever has read my about me section on my previous domain. But umm if you would like to know I’ll email it to you just keep it private. =]

  7. It definintely costs to have your own domain, but from my point of view it is totally worth it:)

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