Thanks For All The Support!

[edit2]Okay I don’t have time to write another blog today, but here’s Day 5 Fotolog(CLICK HERE):
365 Pictures - Day 5
It’s a picture of my best friend’s boots. She’s the girl that I just finally made up and we hung out today. She is very stylish when she wants to be lol.[/edit2]

[edit] I would like to plug Krissy at ShimmerLikeGold.Org because I read her post on Goldfrapp, and I am listening to their music right now, very awesome music!!!!! That’s all haha. [/edit]

I got my monthly gift yesterday, so I am definitely not pregnant. Not only is it a relief that there is no fertilized egg growing in my uterus, but I also didn’t have to pay for a pregnancy test haha. Thanks everyone who commented and your comments were greatly appreciated trust me!!!

I missed Day 3 of the 365 Pictures Project Yesterday So I decided to upload both Day 3 and Day 4 at once, they are obviously two different pictures haha. Kind of like cheating but I still stayed true and took pictures both days.

The reason I missed yesterday was cause I hung out with friends visiting for Winter Break from college. They will be going back for Spring Term soon so we all decided to hang out. It was nice but we have definitely all grown up and a little apart. Same humor, just a little more on the adult side and maybe a bit more vulgar (if that was even possible haha.

I’m a little bit happier right now. The fact that I am not pregnant sure helps a lot, but everything seemed to fix itself in the past ten minutes. Like I said in my last post, I’ve been feeling really drained and unhappy. I thought I lost my best friend because she stopped talking to me but she has given me a chance and we’re going to go out for coffee tomorrow. I feel like our problems just got so far where it was unbearable to talk to each other anymore, but we are going to give it a shot again. After all, we’ve known each other for a six years.

Also my boyfriend and I are great right now. I don’t really see a problem except for the fact that I would like some more attention but I understand he’s going through a hard time and needs to get everything back on track. I try to be as supportive as possible but it can be a bit hard at times to not think of myself first.

My guitar playing is doing great I am almost done learning a song that feels very accomplishing.

Here are my pictures for Day 3 and Day 4 of 365 Pictures, be aware that the picture on top is actually Day 4, I realized I should have done the opposite and put Day 3 on top but I already uploaded this picture to Fotolog (CLICK HERE) and they only allow one photo upload a day. The picture on top is a blurred picture of my friend’s blanket basket and her guitar hero guitars for the wii on top. I figured that would explain Day 4 haha, we were freezing. Day 3 was us pigging out on her mother’s delectable homemade goodies, sushi that they ordered and of course the baby carrots ♥. Consisting of chocolate chip cookies, fudge cookies, brownies, etc.
Day 3 and Day 4


20 responses to “Thanks For All The Support!

  1. Yayyy!! I’m so glad that things are going better for you!! That’s awesome that your friend is giving you another chance. I love it when there is happy endings! 🙂 I’m happy that things turned out the way you wanted. 🙂

  2. goldfrapp is listen to Marina and the diamonds. I posted her I am a robot in one of my post. I love her voice and her EP is great. She’s coming out with a cd in Feb.

    Cool that your year hasn’t started so rocky. All the best.

    Oh, yeah..I know about Aaron..funny, I was inspired to write a rather gay story with him in mind at one of my other blogs – . Anyway, hope the sex god is happy with the 42 year old. Its just a bit to stomach though.

  3. why would you put your business out there???? wow!!reallly??

  4. Im very happy that you are ok and that things have worked out, I hope you and your friend work it out too, congrats on playing the guitar I should practice more 🙂

    Much love,

  5. Ah yes, Goldfrapp is awesome, I’m glad she got you into it!

    As for 365… I’m glad you’re sticking to it regardless of accidentally skipping a ady!

  6. I bet finding out you weren’t pregnant was a HUGE relief. I have no clue what I would do if that happened to me. Your whole life could change, I’m definitely not ready for that pressure!

    I hope everything works out with your friend. My best friend turned against me after 4 years, and it was really messy and painful. I wish I could patch things up with her, I miss having that person you can turn to. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to you!

  7. Oh man! I just begun to read “I got my monthly gift” and though oh she gets gifts every month V_V silly me.
    Well congrats on not being pregnant !

    Hope you can sort out things between you and your friend;)

  8. I’m glad everything has worked out for the best! ❤ It's really sad when friends go off and you get older, but in the meanwhile you realize a lot about yourself. I'm also glad you're working things out with your best friend. 6 years is way too long to ignore a great friendship! My ex-best friend turned out to be a pain and we haven't talked in over four months, but I don't really mind lol.

  9. I hope everything goes well for you.

    I’ve read your blog and I really like it. Keep it going.

  10. Oh man, that’s such a relief! I do a little dance every month when I get mine. I’m so, so, so paranoid about it.

  11. Its a funny thing when you can jump for joy when you finally get your “dreaded” monthly. Its nice to be able to celebrate its coming for a change. 😀 I’m glad you’re feeling much better!

  12. Aww but it’s fun to be pregnant >.> *cough*

  13. I’m glad to hear everything worked itself out 🙂

  14. I want baby carrots now but I’m stuck at my desk, booooo~

    I’ve only ever boughten a preggers test once and was surprised at the fact 2 came in the box. I mean I UNDERSTAND why but still… hahaahaa made me do a double take.

    Good luck with your friend. Hopefully that can get worked through and a little less gloom will exist in your world~

  15. Congrats on NOT being pregnant. 🙂

  16. OMG those cookies look amazing. Congrats on not being preggers since you don’t want to be! Ha. Those moments are scary, but coffee with a friend and homemade cookies might be a great cure =)

  17. Glad to hear you are not preggy – if you are not prepared for this stage in life, it can be very scary. And glad to hear your relationship with both your bestfriend and boyfriend is doing great…especially your bestfriend as a bestfriend’s friendship is very precious and guys come and go out of your life but a bestfriend will be in your life forever.

    Do not worry – you did not hurt my feelins…you just bought me back down to reality with a hard smack in the face which was TOTALLY PAINLESS but a SO NEEDED smack.

    Anyways, belated Happy New Years and have a good one!

  18. Congrats on not being pregnant lol I bet that is a relief of the highest order! Hope everything works out with you and your bestie over coffee!

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