Oh no!

[edit]I don’t know if many people care about this but I just wanted to say, WOW 20 COMMENTS?!??!! LOL I feel so loved and supported, thanks guys! Let me mention that I just got a $146.00 check in the mail because I sold some of my fall term textbooks and it makes me happy. It makes me think of Daniella‘s post that I just read, about snail mail haha. Also, my mom just made some really good eggplant and peppers stir-fried food with garlic and its mm mm good haha. Okay edit is over, back to commenting people. =]

I also added a wordpress theme you guys can you at my Works sections, check it out.

Plus, I was just on Maraluce‘s blog and she has a post about buying handmade instead of mass-produced items and it really struck me how much I love handmade rather than mass-produced. I like unique styles. A friend of mine from high school told me about Wildfox Couture, and until I visited their online shop, I didn’t understand what was so cool about them. They are expensive as fuck but their clothing is awesome. It is sort of grungy and that’s what I want to wear. I like the overly grungy look and this site is a good beginner’s start. I am not spending $108 on a shirt though haha. [/edit]

I missed another day to upload a photo on my Fotolog (CLICK HERE)!!! SHIT! Okay I guess I’ll have to upload two as one again. I took photos, I just forgot to upload them =/. It’s okay though, at least I know I’m taking photos, I think that is the point of the whole project anyway. To see what changes and everything.

Here are my two photos:
Day 6 & 7
Day 6 is on top and Day 7 is on the bottom. Day 6 represents my day overall yesterday. The pillbox contains my weed (yes I smoke weed) and the pipe is what I use to smoke it with. Also, my cigarettes, I smoke them a lot when I’m high or coming down from a high. I know it seems really elementary and even borderline druggie but I honestly don’t smoke that often or even that much. I only smoke when I really need to relax and just forget about all the stress for a few hours. Call me crazy, childish, gateway druggie, I don’t know but I just really need to wind-down sometimes and just “chill” for lack of better words. Day 7 represents me entirely actually. It’s a picture of some of the things on my vanity desk and I swear to everything that is holy, I clean my room very often but then sometimes I just let all my mess gather and usually I notice this on Saturdays, which is today, that I really have to clean again.

In other news, because I was so burnt yesterday, I was trying to watch an episode of the Jersey Shore on my laptop and something was taking forever to load, so I just fell asleep. I woke up this morning and I was completely tucked in, my laptop was off and sitting in its rightful place, the clothes I had lying on my bed yesterday were sitting on my computer chair, and I was just so confused. Obviously my mom did this but I didn’t really care I just went back to sleep and fully woke up at 1:30pm. That means I slept a total of fifteen and a half hours, considering I fell asleep around 10pm.

That amount of sleep is completely unhealthy but I think it is my body’s way of saying that I am completely drained and do not let myself sleep EVER. I usually go to bed around 3am, sometimes even 6:30am when my mom is waking up for work. I am always on the laptop and watching television, letting all of those electrons and micro waves melt my brain. Of course I have to include the smoking weed and finishing my Nando Fragolino bottle of wine with my best friend yesterday.

I don’t know I definitely feel less stressed lately, so just bare with me the stupid and frivolous things I might do sometimes to help the de-stress take place.

I’m going to go comment everyone back now =].

Lady Impulse


21 responses to “Oh no!

  1. 15 hours? I dont think I could ever do that without the help of medication, lol. My body clock is just too regimented to allow it!

    And really, the project is just for your benefit, to help you analyze yourself, so who cares if you’re lax about uploading! ;D

  2. Hahaha this is my first time coming to your site & the first thing I notice is a bowl & a bottle of weed. I was like “oh.hello.my.new.interweb.friend.”

  3. Oh, if only weed were legal!!

  4. Wow, 15 hours is a LONG time. I have been sleeping quite a bit over the holidays, almost 10 hours a day, which is about four more hours than I normally sleep. It’s been pretty awesome.

  5. lucky..you got burnt..and in a sun burn? not where I am. So much snow. So cold..anyway, it inspires me to crochet. I’m thinking on a new crochet hat….dunno if I will or not. A hat I crocheted for friend last Christmas was stolen at Macdonalds..and she’s hinting for me to make her another..hmmm..doubt if do. Seriously, with the economy..I’ve really been doing a lot of dyi projects on clothes I kept from wearing. Like I made a skirt out of dress I never wore. At least now I’m using it.

  6. I wish I can sleep 15 hours. Most sleep I have gotten this week was 8 hours (in just a day).

    I love your project so far. Maybe I should do something that to represent myself 🙂 . I only smoked when my ex was around. He got on my nerves quite a bit!!

    I haven’t been watching Jersey Shore =( . I know there are quite few episodes that I need to get caught up on.

    Take care and have a nice night =)

  7. Homemade things can be pretty cool, but as you mentioned expensive. Your fotolog photos are pretty cool. I like the roses.
    HA, I know know a lot of people who smoke weed. Honestly i don’t think it’s a big deal. I personally don’t smoke mainly because of my asthma.
    You second photo describes what happens to me sometimes. I think everything is clean then the next minute everything is crowded.
    If you ended up sleeping a lot of hours it’s your body’s way of saying you need it. When we wake up it’s our body’s telling us we need to. Sleep is healthy even when its long…so use it as an excuse to sleep in. 😉

  8. aww, thanks for linking me! ^-^

  9. So..what’s with the weed? LOL

  10. I love to sleep! But I can never sleep for 15+ hours because I tend to sleep at 3am everyday because I leave my assignments until then.

    But when Spring Break comes around, I’ll sleep the whole day away!

  11. I don’t smoke weed, nor would I want my daughter too. But it’s your life and as long as you are doing it in your own home then it’s your business. I see nothing different between weed and alcohol. And find it appealing that cigarettes and weed get such a bad rap when alcohol is still considered all fine and dandy.

    Anywho, thanks for posting on my blog.

    • I agree, I actually did a research paper comparing weed, cigarettes and alcohol. Turns out, alcohol is a little bit worse than weed, and weed and cigarettes are pretty much the same.

  12. LOL, wow.
    I noticed the bottle & pipe.
    That’s a pretty cool pipe. Is it handmade or did you buy it?

    I smoked that like 3x, but i stopped cause I had a hard time breathing. Anyways, It does relax us. LOL .

    I also love how it’s so neatly set up. 🙂

    • haha I put it up on top of my cable to take a picture, it’s usually folded away. I bought the pipe somewhere on this really artsy rocker street, I can’t explain it.

  13. Congrats on getting 20 comments ^.^

    Aw that’s kind for your Mum to do =] I tend to sleep a lot as well. But not 15 hours o.o That must have been a GOOD sleep, lmao. I hope you do start getting more sleep daily 🙂 Sleep is good, lmao XD

  14. girl there is nothing wrong with weed. I used to smoke alot back in high school and occasionally in the past year but not matter what i always got munchies and ate soo much bad food i think that helped contribute to my weight gain so as I try to lose it i’m not smoking anymore. plus i need to find a new job and they’d prob drug test so im just waiting it out. as a toker you’d prob enjoy one of my favorite movies :smiley face. its awesome and has anna farris.

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