New Stuff =D

I was browsing through, and I found some of the best deals that I wouldn’t have if I never saw the PV link on Maraluce‘s blog. I found Super-Light Repair Wash Skinny jeans from AE (link to jeans), which were still in my size (6) when I bought them. I don’t usually buy jeans, especially from AE because the jeans are usually $40-$60 but these jeans are on sale for $30!! I usually buy jeans ranging from $15-$30 which means these jeans were right in my budget. I actually received these jeans today and I will put up pictures of me wearing them when I can. BTW, I just made my first collection collage on Polyvore, here’s the ink to my profile – CLICK ME. I wish I had the guts (mainly the cash flow) to wear hot pink heels with ripped skinny jeans, a loose jersey top, and a leather jacket. The next time I go for a night out in the city, I am hoping I will have hot pink (or any neon color really) heels along with the skinny jeans I just got, my Led Zeppelin tee, and my leather jacket from Guess, which my mom gave me for my sixteenth birthday. It isn’t that I don’t have the guts, but I don’t know where I should wear them to because I don’t go out that much, but I’ll see.

I also found these two nice deals – 1 & 2. The first link goes to a batwing long-sleeve top for around $11. This top is for the kind of style I look forward to keeping because I think its adorable, as well as quite fashionable. The second link goes to a light-gray minidress, and when I bought it, it was for $19, but now they are charging $34 for it. I am so happy I found these items before they went back to regular price.

I have been watching so many movies online, and on television, lately so I will be putting up movie reviews today, along with some new themes for people who want to try out the type of WordPress themes I like to make.

Here are my Day 11(bottom) and Day 12(top) photos for the 365 Pictures Project.

Day 11 is supposed to mean my guitar playing is getting A LOT BETTER. Yesterday I was playing the guitar and realized I am playing a lot faster, and my fingers are switching chords very fast. I am getting better at Barre Chords as well =]. Day 12 is a photo of  bunch of apples. I am an apple fanatic, I love the juicy bites I take. Because I’ve been home so much lately, all I eat are those apples and they are amazing!!!!

Again I couldn’t upload them separately on fotolog. Maybe I should get a Flickr account? What do you guys think, is Flickr better or Fotolog?

I’ll be replying to comments now =]. But please answer my question because I am starting to think as fun as Fotolog is, Flickr would be so much easier. Also, are there any other photo upload and album sites that are good and allow unlimited uploads per day?


17 responses to “New Stuff =D

  1. I usually use photobucket to host things I want to link to…but I think people publish their photos there as well. They seem to have a huge space allotment, too. Never heard of fotolog, though. I used flickr a few times…but I don’t go ANYWHERE to take photos, so I sort of avoid that site…I guess I’m just jealous of everyone’s opportunities to take awesome pics.

    I’ve tried on three separate occasions to learn to play the guitar… I guess I just don’t have enough drive to stick with it, even with a live-in tutor… so kudos to you for sticking with it and progressing! Yayness!

    In other news, the book I bought was Elizabeth Hoyt’s “To Beguile A Beast”…and it makes me want to go out and write something equally awesome! It has really good characters…and her other two books from the princes series sort of sucked, so I was happily surprised to find another gem like my fav historical romance, The Raven Prince.

    • Aww that sounds awesome! I”ll try to find that book for cheap to read. I am teaching myself guitar, when I had a teacher many years ago, I couldn’t focus cause I didn’t want to learn his songs, but my own ahah

  2. I love the clothes. I wish I could wear jeans to work! I feel like I’d be so much more trendy and excited about getting dressed in the morning!

    You do the 365 thing too? I feel like I missed the bandwagon. Oops. I enjoy photography…just never take pictures, waste of a D60 I guess.

    I tried to play guitar. I wasn’t too bad, but then I had to sell it for some cash.

  3. awww. i love everything that you bought. *jealous* haha, JK! 🙂 cute pictures, nice shots. 😀

  4. Ooo gotta love DEALS, woots! Good luck with your guitar playing! YES I love apples! I buy some every week and eat them with my breakfast and usually with one of my evening snacks, NOMZ! I’ve never use Fotolog but I LOVE my Flickr Pro Account!

  5. yay for deals!

    I tried playing guitar at school in the music room and I ended up over-tightening a string and it snapped. Plus, I don’t have the coordination to play an instrument.

  6. Ohhh, I really like those sequined purses….just sayin.

  7. the jacket sounds so cool. a geuine classic. thanks for the note. yeah, I’m a big skins fan of 1 & 2. Only liked Freddie this last season. I could just watch this guy run and be happy. Actually, I just started Degrassi this past year on TeenNick..and there are always old episodes. Jay is the ultimate bad boy. I don’t know why this actor hasn’t gotten more work. I still have to watch the smarty guy in the school shooting. Still not clear who he’d put in a comma. All those hair styles of Spinner’s..still… he just has bad hair. But Jamie Johnston is always a fav & well, Johnny got his hair cut from the spring shows. I guess…so that’ll be interesting to see what he looks like now. I’ve watched a bit of UK’s Waterloo Road (Tom Payne made the show) & then there is Hollyoaks which I’m still hooked on.

  8. Seems like someone’s ready to do some shopping 🙂

    BTW. This is Bojan from

    I’ve got new domain now ready to be viewed 🙂

  9. Hey! 🙂 Love the layout! 😀 😀

    Its really sad for the homeless people, there are everywhere in the world. 😦 I’m feeling so blessed for having family, home, food, clothes. That’s all I need.

    Wow! You bought many things. 🙂 I love everything that you bought. 😀 I like the 365 project. Its interesting. I enjoy taking pictures so much. I’m thinking of making a portfolio. 😀 😀

    I don’t know any unlimited photo upload sites. I just know about Flickr. 😀 Flickr its better than Fotolog. My opinion! 😀

  10. glad its working i don’t know why it was saying that crap about malicious content good luck on the guitar playing i tried it but i just gave up because my fingers hurt lol

  11. I don’t know anything about photosites so I’m afraid I wont be any help on that.

    Yay for bargains, shopping always feels so much better when you know you aren’t paying full price.

  12. I love your style… those clothes are all great picks. I use Flickr and like it, never tried Fotolog. Doing pictures seems like an easier idea than what my friend is doing, vlogging, I like it!

  13. I ❤!!! I seriously can spend hours playing around on it. My husband doesn't understand why. I don't understand why the hell he stays up 'til 4am playing Halo!

    And it's refreshing to know that someone holds a realistic budget like I do. Paying $100+ for a pair of jeans??? No way! Don't get me wrong. I would LOVE to splurge on a pair of Rock & Republics or Citizens, but let's be serious. I have a child, my husband is attending grad school, and I'm paying off student loans from my undergrad along with payments on credit cards and 2 cars. Never mind rent!

    There's no way I could afford to spend ridiculous amounts on clothes…right now 😉

    Yaaay for thirft stores and ebay!!!

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