Annette and Sylvie

Earrings <—-Click this link to win me diamonds. I can’t upload my photo of the day today because I can’t find my usb chord but I’ll find it tomorrow and post tomorrow. But I do have something to share with you guys. I finally finished my book Annette and Sylvie yesterday and let me tell you, I have never felt so connected with a character. One of Annette’s thoughts were so deep and it made me think of myself. She talks about how no one sees her for her, and she means the imperfections as well. She doesn’t want to seem perfect or be called perfect because she wants people to see her and love her for everything incuding her flaws, and I thought it was absolutely touching. This is what she thinks on page 272, if anyone ever gets to reading it.

I am glad that you are imperfect. If you knew what I see, it would annoy you. Forgive me! I have seen nothing…. But I, I am not like you; I want you to see me as imperfect! I am what I am, and I hold to it; my imperfections are myself, more than the rest. If you take me, you take them. Do you take them?… But you don’t wish to know them. When will you finally take the trouble to really look at me?

I swear to Buddha himself, I never cried so hard out from something a fictional character has said/thought in a book. Movies of course, I’m a pathetic sap, but books? Not really.


14 responses to “Annette and Sylvie

  1. Some of the books bring us right into it and we feel like we are the character from the book.

  2. Hope you find your USB cord so we can see the photos.
    Wow. That sounds like an intresting book. Hope you enjoy it m’dear!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my layout! 🙂

    I have not heard of this book but sometimes when the characters have such deep thoughts, you can really imagine it and it can really touch you. That’s the beauty of great writing. It draws you in, it touches you and broadens your horizons.
    .-= Georgina´s last blog ..Walking At Night, Alone =-.

  4. Books are so lovely and can really touch the heart strings – I haven’t’ read this novel, but it sounds like a good, deep read – maybe I’ll be able to come across it at my local library some time!

    Don’t worry about feeling sappy – I get weepy when even minutely melancholy advertisements come on the telly!


  5. I like the new layout! I clicked on the link, hope I helped!
    I always cry in movies or books. I know crying in books is a little worse than movies. I love how you feel connected to the characters in a book. It makes the book a lot more interesting.
    .-= Esme´s last blog ..First Day =-.

  6. o. I like your layout — especially the header. 🙂
    o. I also clicked on the link. 😉
    o. Some books sure snap us out and make us realize things. Such books, I think, are life-changing — even for just a short duration 🙂
    .-= Lym´s last blog ..The Starbucks Connotation =-.

  7. Sigh. This makes me want to read again.
    .-= Chiui´s last blog ..Nice name, Bob =-.

  8. I clicked so you can win diamonds. 🙂

    That book sounds good, haven’t heard of it. I’m tired of people seeing me in a certain way too. Kind of annoying that people just go by stereotypes and nothing more. Yeah, I work in corporate, but does that make me a cold calculated bitch? Hardly…but that’s what people think sometimes.
    .-= Alissa ´s last blog ..Wednesday Woes =-.

  9. That sounds like a nice book.
    TBH, The only book I have ever read really was lynne spears: through the storm.
    I need to start reading again.

  10. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried reading books!

    And I clicked the link 😀
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Shortest post ever. =-.

  11. Eek, hope you find your USB cord!

    Ah yes, sometimes books can really make you think and make you feel you’re actually in them!!! It’s true, we need to be accepted as we are!

  12. I’m sorry if I didn’t returned your last comment, but I didn’t knew that you had new site. :S You posted your old one.

    I’ve never heard of that book, but looks really interesting and heart felt.
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Snow go away =-.

  13. i love to read that sounds like an awesome book. and of course i clicked the link to win you diamonds.

    p.s. I think whip it was in present times because when she was wearing that christian band t-shirt ellen page described it as from the 80’s and then later it was said it was her mother’s t-shirt so it was from her mother’s shirt from the 80’s probably when her mom was her age.
    .-= Krystal´s last blog ..And you haven’t called me in weeks and honestly it’s bringing me down I feel like I wouldn’t like me if I met me I feel like you wouldn’t like me if you met me =-.

  14. Clicked the link for you.

    That book seems really interesting and realistic. I might give it a read.

    Thanks for the comment about my photography, I appreciate it.

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