All anyone needs to know about this Lady:

    ♫ Female
    ♫ Born in May of ’91
    ♫ Residing on the East Coast of America
    ♫ College Student

What do I love? Tattoos, body piercings, creativity, books, short stories, the Twilight Saga, music, photography, web and graphic design, MY BOYFRIEND ♥.

What do I hate? I try not to hate or loathe anything only because it adds to much nerve-racking emotion but I do tend to hate people. I cannot explain why but things about people just bug me. My “pet peeve” I guess is people and I tend to stick with only a few comrades who I know I can trust to a certain level and I am more closely bonded with. I prefer my fantasy and internet world, rather than real life which results in me sleeping during the day to avoid people and daydreaming if I absolutely have to be awake before evening. There really is no way to explain why I tend to avoid making friends, but I guess my world in my head is all I need (including my love ♥, my mother, and a few friends).

I have no intention on hurting anyone in the process of my blogging, but some of the things I have to say might cause a problem with you. I am not here to write fairytales, or pertain to everyone’s needs. Restating the fact, that I have chosen anonymity, explains why I will not censor myself. If this blog offends you, either address me calmly, or click the x on the upper right/red button on the upper left. I have to chosen to keep anonymity just in case some people feel the need to start drama.

Email – ladyimpulsive[at]