All anyone needs to know about Lady Impulse:

  • Female
  • Born in May of ’91
  • Residing on the East Coast of America
  • College Student

Objects and things to do, that I love (but not limited to): books, cats, big, scary-looking dogs that are harmless, photography, music, playing the guitar, tattoos, piercings, sex, marijuana(at least I’m honest), minimal consumption of alcohol, perfume, cologne, web design, hot&dry days, snow days, curling up in bed, doing homework on the balcony, falling asleep with my iPod on, being with my boyfriend, MacBook Pro, Canon DSLR Rebel Xs, and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Objects and things to do, that I hate (but not limited to): body-covered with tattoos, too many piercings, small dogs that are vicious, boring books, college textbook prices, cold/hot&humid days, long lecture classes, long lectures from parents, doing homework last minute, Windows PC programs, viruses, backstabbers, two-faced people, obnoxiously loud people, most drugs, hard partying, and violence (I tend to be violent though =/).

The name is Impulse. Lady Impulse. I have decided to keep anonymity for this blog, for I have gotten into a lot of trouble with various people due to how I talk, about who, what, when, where, and why. Facts I have given, opinions I have written, and shit I have spit, about people, and events in general, have given reason to push friends, and scare fellow bloggers, away from me and end contact.

Anything I write in this blog, will hopefully keep the secret of the original author, me. Anything I write, is not to hurt any race, gender, or age. What I write in my blogs, is just that, a blog. A written notion of feelings, and possible rants, according to what happens on the daily in my urban life. If something I write is against your thoughts, religion, or anything else that might be of importance to you, let me know, write me a comment, send me an email, but do not hate me. If you let me know, I’ll state it clearly that what I have written is only an impulsive thought, not my specific opinion.

I have no intention on hurting anyone in the process of my blogging, but some of the things I have to say might cause a problem with you. If you really do have a strong opinion against what I say, either be civil with me to solve it, or click the X on the right/red circle on the left, and peace. I am not here to write fairytales, or pertain to everyone’s needs. Restating the fact, that I have chosen anonymity, explains why I will not censor myself.

Again, sorry for any hurtful or uncensored talk, but this is my blog, not yours.