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A Few Things To Cover

I would like to break down this post before I actually type up my blog, because I feel that my thoughts are everywhere and I would like to better organize them, and not confuse my readers.

    ♦ Reading

    ♦ Starting To Write Reviews

    ♦ College

    ♦ 365 Pictures Project

    ♦ Two New Poems

    ♦ Hosting

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New Stuff =D

I was browsing through, and I found some of the best deals that I wouldn’t have if I never saw the PV link on Maraluce‘s blog. I found Super-Light Repair Wash Skinny jeans from AE (link to jeans), which were still in my size (6) when I bought them. I don’t usually buy jeans, especially from AE because the jeans are usually $40-$60 but these jeans are on sale for $30!! I usually buy jeans ranging from $15-$30 which means these jeans were right in my budget. I actually received these jeans today and I will put up pictures of me wearing them when I can. BTW, I just made my first collection collage on Polyvore, here’s the ink to my profile – CLICK ME. I wish I had the guts (mainly the cash flow) to wear hot pink heels with ripped skinny jeans, a loose jersey top, and a leather jacket. The next time I go for a night out in the city, I am hoping I will have hot pink (or any neon color really) heels along with the skinny jeans I just got, my Led Zeppelin tee, and my leather jacket from Guess, which my mom gave me for my sixteenth birthday. It isn’t that I don’t have the guts, but I don’t know where I should wear them to because I don’t go out that much, but I’ll see.

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