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So’s server seems to be down so I’ll be blogging on here again. I can’t believe this has happened again because it has actually been around 5 days since has last worked. Even their website and email isn’t working so I have no idea what is going on. Its coming close to the expiration of my master reseller as well so I’m not sure what is going to happen. Hopefully, everything goes back to normal and the server will get fixed because I love that blog and would hate to have lost almost a year’s full of blogs. It’s my luck that this happens just when I am about to finish my 3rd semester in college and will finally have time for blogging. If anything, I’ll try to renew the domain and find other hosting.


Bad Day

[edit]I added a new layout, it’s called Smoking. Look at it through my theme switcher 😀 8) [/edit]

Yeah, yesterday was a really bad day, and I forgot to post my 365 Pictures but I remembered to take them!!!!

Day 17 – I was with my friend and I was a bit upset and all of a sudden she goes “OMG this wall is made of styrofoam.” And it really was. It looks and feels like a stone wall but you can punch right into it haha.
Day 18 – My cat is my model for most of my pictures and she is the most adorable thing ever!!!!!! My cat is completely amazing and she’s just adorable when she makes her cute laying-down poses. I think she was mid-yawn while I took this picture.
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Hello world!

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