Bad Day

[edit]I added a new layout, it’s called Smoking. Look at it through my theme switcher 😀 8) [/edit]

Yeah, yesterday was a really bad day, and I forgot to post my 365 Pictures but I remembered to take them!!!!

Day 17 – I was with my friend and I was a bit upset and all of a sudden she goes “OMG this wall is made of styrofoam.” And it really was. It looks and feels like a stone wall but you can punch right into it haha.
Day 18 – My cat is my model for most of my pictures and she is the most adorable thing ever!!!!!! My cat is completely amazing and she’s just adorable when she makes her cute laying-down poses. I think she was mid-yawn while I took this picture.
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Trip to the Dentist

When I went to sleep last night I had this schedule in mind for today:

  1. Wake up and go running
  2. Shower
  3. Buy milk
  4. Go to the dentist
  5. Hopefully see my boyfriend

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I added my Ke$ha K theme to the visitor’s section, and there is also a Roses theme that was already there. Let me know in a comment if you use the themes on the visitor page 🙂 .
I hope you guys like the up and coming hit artist Ke$ha K because I am currently making a wordpress theme for you guys to use and I will post it as soon as I am done, I promise.

Day 16 of 365 =]

I received my awesome minidress and batwing sleeve top from today and it came with a free measuring tape. My measurements used to be 36-27-36 and now I am 32-24-32. YAY WEIGHT LOSS!! =D
I have my own domain again I am very very glad =]].

I actually purchased a master reseller at NoLimitsHost and it comes with a free domain if you pay $50 for the whole year. I am glad I found this deal because I will be opening up a site where I can sell shared hosting, as well as resellers =DDD.
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[edit] I bought my domain, so I am transferring……again.[/edit]

Okay so my Zooey Deschanel layout got deleted, and for some reason, I didn’t have the back-up files. Where did they go? I have no idea. I swear I thought I had the files right here in my documents folder, but I only had the Header JPEG and the PSD. I mean if I really want to, I can just re-code it, it wasn’t that hard. Considering I have a lot to put up that I have been working on such as pre-made wordpress and regular themes, banners, movie reviews, and maybe some smilies, I really don’t want to focus on a layout that wasn’t that important to me. I’ll probably just fix around the Zooey header to fit anyone’s personal site, only add my copyright without big LADY OOH LALA words on it, and code it as a wordpress theme for others, possibly make it better than it was haha.

Do you guys like the layouts I have? I figured I wouldn’t delete the classic and kubrick themes only because they are so neat and properly organized that it would be a shame to delete them. Do you guys like the Lindsay Lohan, and Snow layouts? The snow images comes from GettyImages and the Lindsay Lohan PSDs come from PSDelightful (I think). I am still looking for the websites I got the textures and such from but no luck.Most likely a deviantART profile.
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More New Stuff!!

Okay so I contacted and they finally approved my site earlier today. I added a Lindsay Lohan layout in the theme switching plugin, so you may now choose to view my page in The classic, default, Snow, or Lindsay Lohan layout =].:grin::roll: [edit]My Zooey Deschanel files got deleted so I might remake it for visitors.[/edit]
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New Stuff =D

I was browsing through, and I found some of the best deals that I wouldn’t have if I never saw the PV link on Maraluce‘s blog. I found Super-Light Repair Wash Skinny jeans from AE (link to jeans), which were still in my size (6) when I bought them. I don’t usually buy jeans, especially from AE because the jeans are usually $40-$60 but these jeans are on sale for $30!! I usually buy jeans ranging from $15-$30 which means these jeans were right in my budget. I actually received these jeans today and I will put up pictures of me wearing them when I can. BTW, I just made my first collection collage on Polyvore, here’s the ink to my profile – CLICK ME. I wish I had the guts (mainly the cash flow) to wear hot pink heels with ripped skinny jeans, a loose jersey top, and a leather jacket. The next time I go for a night out in the city, I am hoping I will have hot pink (or any neon color really) heels along with the skinny jeans I just got, my Led Zeppelin tee, and my leather jacket from Guess, which my mom gave me for my sixteenth birthday. It isn’t that I don’t have the guts, but I don’t know where I should wear them to because I don’t go out that much, but I’ll see.

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Thrift Shops, How I Adore Thee

[edit2] Day 10 Photo (no time for blog right now)

St. Marks Place has the coolest little shops, and Hottie is a cheap but cute jewelry store that I adore =].

[edit] I posted up a Roses theme for wordpress in My Works section if anyone would like to take a look. If you do happen to download it and try to use it, and it’s not working, let me know and I will fix it. It’s pretty plain but I find it cute. =] [/edit]
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