What would you like to know?


LadyOhhLaLa is inspired by the song “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp. I recently found out about this band from another blogger  so I decided to make it my name. I put lady because I am a lady (haha?) and that is what I would like to be referred to in the blogging world.



My inspiration dawns from different blogs and web pages that I have frequented since the beginning of 2003. I started out quite young, as have some of my readers and bloggers that I comment on as well. Although for now I keep my identity private, I will let you all know whose blogs I have been reading and commenting on for most of my blogging career, or I just simply respect for their talent and lovely use of language:

  1. Britney
  2. Jenn
  3. Katy
  4. Krissy
  5. Kym

These people really know what they are doing when it comes to coding and wording their blogs. Here are some other people I enjoy reading about and commenting  :love: :

  1. Alexa
  2. Alice
  3. Angie
  4. Bella Rose
  5. Bojan
  6. Cei
  7. Maraluce
  8. Mary

Besides all these wonderful blogs that I respect and enjoy, my inspiration also emerges from the different styles, fashion, and trends that surround me in this humble city some might know as New York City. Different culture envelopes me when I walk the streets day and night, looking for something fun to do, or for something/one to entertain me. The love of my life, my friends, my mother, my classmates; they all have a part of me which I use in my creativity to make what you see. Although not much appears before your eyes currently, a lot more will some day.

I Am Hosted By.. I purchased the WHM Master Reseller for a whole year. It comes with a free domain for a price of $50 a year, with plenty of space/bandwidth, and an unmetered amount of domains and resellers I can sell to the public. I purchased on 01/16/2010 and I hope it becomes my permanent domain.


I blog with WordPress and most coding is done by me with the help of tutorials I find all over the internet. I went to ClockLink for the clock you see in my sidebar, and I am hoping to make my own clock by the end of the month.
Considering I am always on and off with web design, I tend to forget how certain coding works, and have to re-read tutorials. One of the most helpful tutorials I read was by WPDesigner, which helped me write a layout from scratch, resulting in the ones I create custom for myself. I use Akismet, CommentLuv, Flickr-tantan, Smilies Themer, Smilies Themer Toolbar, Theme Test Drive, and Theme-Switcher-Reloaded plugins.. I use numerous amounts of textures, PSDs, patterns, and brushes, but regrettably, I do not remember where I download them and I am sorry if I don’t link back. If you stumble upon my page, and notice that I have used your, or someone else’s brushes, please let me know and I will check to see if you are correct. Once proof is found, I will link back to the rightful owner.
Soon enough I will look up all the sites I got my patterns, textures, brushes, and images from, but for now all I remember is deviantART and GettyImages.


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