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What Do You Think?

[edit]Added 2 layouts to my themes for switching lol. I’m bored 😀 Images found on Love Hina Gallery, and the plain layout was just made on photoshop, I don’t remember where I got the brushes from 😮 . BTW, I am learning French and Japanese and my name in Japanese is リ ザ; if you understand Japanese, email me to tell me if I wrote it right but don’t say here what the name should be.[/edit]
I was thinking about maybe making my domain not so anonymous. I want to be anonymous for a little while longer because I’m still scared that stalker is out there and although she didn’t harm me, I’m scared that she might have if I never noticed her and I am also scared of another stalker. Seeing that it isn’t so common, I’m sure it won’t happen again, especially with her. I also want to continue my anonymity because I think those vlogs with my hat on my face are just hilarious 😀 .
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