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What Do You Think?

[edit]Added 2 layouts to my themes for switching lol. I’m bored 😀 Images found on Love Hina Gallery, and the plain layout was just made on photoshop, I don’t remember where I got the brushes from 😮 . BTW, I am learning French and Japanese and my name in Japanese is リ ザ; if you understand Japanese, email me to tell me if I wrote it right but don’t say here what the name should be.[/edit]
I was thinking about maybe making my domain not so anonymous. I want to be anonymous for a little while longer because I’m still scared that stalker is out there and although she didn’t harm me, I’m scared that she might have if I never noticed her and I am also scared of another stalker. Seeing that it isn’t so common, I’m sure it won’t happen again, especially with her. I also want to continue my anonymity because I think those vlogs with my hat on my face are just hilarious 😀 .
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Vlog – Still Anonymous


First Vlog from Lady on Vimeo.
Haha I just wanted to test it out, enjoy the silly voice =]
Like my hat? haha
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Emotions Galore

So lately I have been a complete emotional roller coaster. I’ve heard that term in movies and from my friends, and I never fully understood that saying up until the past few weeks. I have always been very sensitive to everything, and emotional about most subjects, but my mood swings have gone completely haywire. I’m guessing its due to my abnormal intake of hormones; first stopping the use of the birth control pill two months ago, and then taking the morning after pill six weeks ago.
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-noun, plural -ties.

  1. the state or quality of being anonymous
  2. an anonymous person: some fine poetry attributed to anonymities.

Such a wonderful word used for many wonderful things. My choice for anonymity is to avoid trouble with peers around my area, as well as problems with people over the internet. There was a time when a girl actually stalked me because she became obsessed with one of my older blogs, and according to her, it’s like we were best friends. At the time I was maybe 16 years old, whereas she was about 19, and it was the scariest occurrence in my life. Although worse could have happened, it didn’t and I would like to keep it that way. I might even write about things that may not be legal in certain countries, or things that should be kept secret but aren’t because of my public writing.
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