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A Few Things To Cover

I would like to break down this post before I actually type up my blog, because I feel that my thoughts are everywhere and I would like to better organize them, and not confuse my readers.

    ♦ Reading

    ♦ Starting To Write Reviews

    ♦ College

    ♦ 365 Pictures Project

    ♦ Two New Poems

    ♦ Hosting

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Emotions Galore

So lately I have been a complete emotional roller coaster. I’ve heard that term in movies and from my friends, and I never fully understood that saying up until the past few weeks. I have always been very sensitive to everything, and emotional about most subjects, but my mood swings have gone completely haywire. I’m guessing its due to my abnormal intake of hormones; first stopping the use of the birth control pill two months ago, and then taking the morning after pill six weeks ago.
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Great Idea!

[edit]I started the 365 Pictures Project and here is my picture for day 1. Look at my progress as the blogs go by or if I don’t update my blog everyday, just go to my Fotolog(CLICK HERE). Here is the Day 1 Picture:

Its a few buildings near my house and I felt like it was an amazing angle. You can’t really tell where I’m looking from.

Before getting into my fabulous idea, I would like to say I hope all of you had a great holiday, and I hope everyone is safe.
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